Living Alkaline H2O - NOW Available in Store!

Dreamtree Antioxidant, Alkaline, Water

The Living Alkaline H2O is all natural “Living” water purified by reverse osmosis and ozonation. It has a higher alkalinity with a pH range of 8.5–9.5 for optimal hydration. It’s great tasting and great for you—just the way that nature intended! Our bottled water is available by the bottle, case, or pallet—and all of our bottles are BPA-free as a part of our commitment to your health.


  • Offer High Alkaline (pH balanced) Water
  • High Anti-Oxidant Value, Fights Free Radicals, Natural Anti-aging Properties Greater Than Vitamin C!
  • Moisturizes The Skin Naturally
  • Provides Optimum Hydration, Your Body Doesn’t need to Store Unwanted Fat
  • Abundant Mineral Content (Ca, Mg, Na, and more) Deposited Naturally From Our Ceramics – Putting the Life Back Into Your Water
  • The Pitcher is Constructed From a Medical Grade Silver Nano Plastic That Kills Bacteria on Contact
  • Weight Loss Benefits (a natural appetite suppressant)
  • Can Reduce Cravings For Sugar & Caffeine
  • Maximize Energy & Increase Vitality & More